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What Is An Amazon Hub Counter – Making Online Shopping Easier Than Ever

Amazon has revolutionized how we shop online by making purchasing items from the comfort of our homes more accessible than ever. However, the delivery process has always been one of the biggest challenges for online shoppers. Thankfully, Amazon has come up with a solution in the form of its Amazon Hub service, which provides customers with a range of options to receive their packages.

One of these options is the Amazon Hub Counter. In this article, we will take a closer look at what the Amazon Hub Counter is, how it works, and why it is an important topic for both shoppers and retailers alike. Whether you are a frequent Amazon customer or a small business looking to provide better delivery options for your customers, understanding the Amazon Hub is crucial.

What is Amazon Hub Counter?

what is amazon hub counter

The Amazons Hub Counter is a convenient pickup option for Amazon customers who want to collect their orders at a nearby location. Essentially, the Amazon Hub customer service is a service that allows customers to pick up their packages from a partner location rather than having them delivered to their home or workplace.

Amazon has partnered with several retailers and businesses nationwide, such as Rite Aid, GNC, and Stage Stores, to provide Amz Hub Counters at their locations. Customers can select the “Amazon Hub Counter” option during checkout and choose the nearest location for pickup. Once the package arrives at the designated location, customers will receive a unique code via email or text message to pick up their order.

Amazon Hub also offer additional services, such as package returns, allowing customers to return items without the hassle of shipping them back. The counters can also serve as a location for in-store purchases and other services.

The Amazons Hub Counter provides customers with a convenient and flexible pickup option for their Amazon orders while offering additional services for a seamless shopping experience.

What Is Amazon Hub Counter+

Amazon Hub Counter+ is a service provided by Amazon that allows customers to pick up their packages from physical locations, such as convenience stores or pharmacies, instead of having them delivered to their homes or workplaces. These locations are known as Amazon Hub Counters, and they are operated by trusted partners of Amazon. Customers can select a nearby Amazon Hub Customer service location during the checkout process and pick up their package at their convenience, usually within a few days of the delivery date.

Amazon Hub Counter vs Amazon Hub Locker

Amazon Hub Counter vs Amazon Hub Locker

While the Amazon Hub Counter and Amazon Hub Locker share similar functionalities, there are some critical differences between the two services.

Amazon Hub Lockers are self-service kiosks in public areas such as shopping centers, convenience stores, and train stations. Customers can select the nearest locker during checkout and receive a unique code to retrieve their package. Amazon Hub Lockers come in various sizes and can accommodate packages of different shapes and sizes.

In contrast, Amazon Hub are located in partner businesses (such as retail stores, shopping malls, gas stations, Amazon Hub Counter Whole Foods, and the like). They are staffed by an employee who assists customers with their packages. The counters provide additional services, such as package returns and in-store purchases, which are unavailable with Amazon Hub Lockers.

When comparing the two services, the main advantage of Amazon Hub Lockers is their 24/7 availability and the ability to retrieve packages without interacting with a person. On the other hand, Amazon Hub Counters offer a more personal and flexible experience with the added convenience of additional services.

Ultimately, the choice between the two services depends on the customer’s preferences and needs. If a customer values flexibility and the ability to retrieve packages anytime, then Amazon Hub Lockers may be the preferred option. If a customer prefers a more personal experience and additional services, then Amazon’s hub may be the better choice.

What Is Amazon Hub Used For?

what is amazon hub counter used for

Amazon Hub is a service that provides customers with a range of delivery and pickup options for their packages. In addition to the Amazon Hub Counter and Amazon Hub Locker, Amazon offers other delivery options such as Amazon Key, Amazon Day, and Amazon Prime Now.

Amazon Key is a service that allows customers to receive their packages inside their homes or cars using a smart lock and security camera. Amazon Day allows Prime members to choose a specific day of the week for their deliveries, while Amazon Prime Now offers two-hour delivery for eligible products.

It gives customers more flexibility and control over their deliveries, allowing them to choose a delivery method that best suits their needs. Customers can also take advantage of the service to receive their packages without worrying about missed deliveries or package theft.

Amazon Hub is a boon for small businesses and retailers wanting to provide customers with a more convenient delivery option. By partnering with Amazon, these businesses can offer their customers access to the Hub Counter and other delivery options, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

It is a versatile service that benefits customers and retailers, providing online shoppers with more convenient delivery options.

How To Become An Amazon Hub Counter

how to become an amazon hub counter

Retailers and businesses interested in hosting an Amazon Hub Counter can apply through the Amazon Hub website. The application process requires the business to meet specific criteria, such as a high foot traffic location and the ability to provide a dedicated space for the counter.

While hosting an Amazon Hub can increase foot traffic and potentially boost sales, Amazon does not pay retailers to host the counter. However, hosting the counter can be a valuable partnership for businesses looking to provide additional services to their customers and improve their overall shopping experience.

The benefit for retailers and businesses is the potential increase in foot traffic and the ability to offer additional services that can increase sales. In addition, partnering with Amazon can provide exposure and credibility to the business.

Hosting an Amazon Counters hub is a partnership opportunity that can benefit both Amazon and the hosting business, but there is no payment involved.

How To Pick Up From Amazon Hub Counter

how to pick up from amazon hu counter

Amazon Hub Counter service is ideal for those who want to make sure they get all their deliveries due to their busy schedules or concerns about package theft. Amazon has partnered with retailers and businesses, such as Rite Aid and GNC, to provide access to Hub Counters through numerous locations across the United States. But how does Amazon Hub Counter work? Let us tell you exactly how:

  1. Customers have to select the Amazon Counter Hub option at the checkout page when they place an order. 
  2. Once the package is delivered to the selected Hub Counter, the customer will receive an email notification with a unique barcode that they will use to retrieve their package.
  3. Customers can either print the barcode or display it on their smartphone to the Hub Counter employee to scan.
  4. The customer can visit the selected Hub Counter location to pick up their package. They will need to present their barcode to the Hub Counter employee, who will scan it to verify the package information and identity of the customer. Once verified, the employee will retrieve the package and hand it over to the customer. 

It is important to note that customers have 14 days to pick up their packages from the Hub Counter location, after which the package will be returned to Amazon.

Are Amazon Hubs Free?

are amazon hubs free?

Using Amazon Hub is free for Amazon customers. No additional fees or charges are associated with using the service to receive or return packages.

However, it’s important to note that Amazon Hub is only available to Amazon Prime members. Prime membership requires an annual or monthly fee, but it provides various benefits beyond access to Amazon Hub, such as free two-day shipping, access to streaming services, and more.

Additionally, while using Amazon Hub is free, there may be costs associated with returning a package through Amazon Hub if the item is not eligible for free returns. In this case, the customer may need to pay for shipping or a restocking fee.

Overall, Amazon Hub provides a convenient and accessible service for Amazon Prime members to receive and return packages, but additional costs may apply depending on the circumstances.

Advantages For Small Businesses 

Since the businesses hosting the Amazon Hub Counters do not get paid by Amazon for their service, many people wonder (quite justifiably) why they even bother signing up for Amazon Hubs Counter, especially when Amazon is a direct competitor to most of them. Well, yes and no. Small businesses stand to gain and lose at the same time by hosting it, so let us explore some of the advantages for those businesses of being part of this program:

  • Increased foot traffic 

By partnering with Amazon to offer the Hub Counter service, small businesses can attract new customers who may have yet to visit their stores. When customers come to pick up their packages, they may also browse and make purchases from the small business. Increased foot traffic can help small businesses grow and expand their customer base.

  • Reduced delivery costs: 

Small businesses can save money on delivery costs by using the Hub Counter program. With the Hub Counter program, small businesses can handle missed deliveries or redelivery attempts, which can be costly. Additionally, the Hub Counter program allows small businesses to leverage Amazon’s extensive logistics network to deliver their packages.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

The Hub Counter program offers small businesses a way to improve customer satisfaction. By providing customers with a convenient and secure delivery option, small businesses can offer their customers an enhanced shopping experience. Additionally, the Hub Counter program allows small businesses to offer their customers a more comprehensive range of delivery options, which can increase customer satisfaction.

Small businesses can benefit greatly from signing up for the Amazon Hub Counter program. The program offers convenient and secure package delivery, increased foot traffic, reduced delivery costs, and improved customer satisfaction. By leveraging the Hub Counter program, small businesses can improve their logistics operations and grow their business.

Return an Item at an Amazon Hub Counter

To return an item at an Amazon Hub Counter, follow these steps:

  1. Initiate the Return: Start by logging into your Amazon account and go to the “Your Orders” section. Locate the order containing the item you want to return and click on “Return items.”
  2. Select Return Method: Choose the reason for the return and select the return method. For returning items at an Amazon Hub Counter, you should choose the option that says “Amazon Hub Counter.”
  3. Print the Return Label: Amazon will generate a return label for your package. Print this label and securely attach it to your package. Make sure the barcode on the label is clear and readable.
  4. Pack Your Item: Place the item you’re returning in its original packaging or a sturdy box. Ensure that all accessories and parts are included.
  5. Visit the Amazon Hub Counter: Use the Amazon Hub Locator on the Amazon website to find the nearest Amazon Hubs Counter. Make sure to check the counter’s hours of operation.
  6. Bring Your ID: When you visit the Amazon Hub Counter, bring your ID and the return package with the attached label.
  7. Hand Over the Package: Present your return package and ID to the Amazon Hub staff. They will assist you with the return process.
  8. Get a Receipt: After accepting your return, it’s staff will provide you with a receipt as proof of your return. Keep this receipt for your records.
  9. Track the Return: You can track the status of your return through your Amazon account to ensure it’s processed successfully.

Amazon Hub Counter Contact Number

The parcel will stay in the locker until the Property Manager clears it out for fresh deliveries. Prior to reporting any absent packages, kindly consult with the Property Manager. For direct assistance with Apartment Lockers, you can contact a specialist at 1-888-283-0577.


What is an Amazon Hub Counter?

Amazon Hub Counters are physical locations inside the USA, such as retail stores, gas stations, etc. which allow people to pick up their Amazon packages from their facilities, as per an agreement between these facilities and Amazon. 

What is Amazon Hub Counter Plus?

While the Amazon Hub Counter allows users to pick up their Amazon package deliveries from Amazon partners scattered throughout the country, the Amazon Hub Counter+ version adds additional features such as returns and exchanges at these locations and the ability to add authorized pickup people.

How do I access my Amazon Hub Counter?

  1. On the checkout screen, select Amazon Hub Counter as the delivery option.
  2. Amazon will email you a pickup code (or a barcode).
  3. Go to the designated Amazon Hub Counter location, and provide your pickup code to the Amazon Hub Counter Customer Service.
  4. Once the service personnel confirms your identity, you will receive your package.

How many days does Amazon Hub Counter hold?

14 days approximately.

Amazon customers have chosen Amazon Hub Counter as the delivery option and must pick up their package within two weeks of delivery. Failing that, the package will be returned to Amazon.


Amazon Hub Counter is a convenient service that provides customers with a flexible and secure way to receive their packages. The service is free for Amazon Prime members and is available at various retail locations across the United States.

Amazon Hub Counter is different from Amazon Hub Locker, but both provide customers with the ability to receive their packages outside of their homes. Retail partners host Amazon Hub Counter, while Amazon Hub Locker is available at select self-service kiosk locations.

While hosting an Amazon Hub Counter does not come with any direct payment from Amazon, it can be a valuable partnership opportunity for businesses looking to improve their customers’ shopping experience and increase foot traffic.

Overall, Amazon Hub Counter is a convenient and reliable service that gives customers greater control and flexibility over their package deliveries.

Amazon has various valuable services like the Amazon Hub Counter to facilitate its customers. Head over to Amazon Seller Forum to learn more about them.

February 22, 2024

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