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Does Amazon Deliver On Sunday?

This is now the most popular question of all time “Does Amazon deliver on Sunday?”

As you already know, Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace and is well-known for its fast shipping. Specifically, in 2009, Amazon’s same-day delivery started to deliver as quickly as possible. Recently, this question

became popular when 2 to 3 buyers claimed they had received the parcel from Amazon on Sunday. After that, all buyers wanted to know whether Amazon offers Sunday delivery or not. Is this kind of new service that Amazon is going to start? If yes, then why do all buyers not have access to Sunday delivery?

After receiving so many queries on this question, we decided to develop a detailed guide that could explain all your questions. So, after experiencing and verifying all the information from Amazon, we are sharing this information with you, so being a buyer helps you with how you can get Amazon Sunday delivery. So, without wasting time, let’s get into the guide:

Does Amazon Deliver On Sundays?

Start with the basic question to clarify your confusion. Therefore, the simple answer is YES, but there is an exception!

Amazon Sunday delivery is not for everyone. After reading the previous sentence, you might think it might be for the prime members like every premium feature is for them, but it’s here. It’s not like that. 

Amazon weekend delivery, specifically Sunday delivery, is only for specific areas. It’s not about the prime member. This service is for everyone (Prime and non-prime members) but only belong to specific areas. Now, what does mean by specific areas mean?

This service is only for the urban areas where shipping is easy. 

USPS Delivery Sunday Amazon

Before Amazon’s logistic service was launched, Amazon had a deal with USPS regarding the Sunday delivery. The deal was that USPS would deliver to every prime and non-prime customer on Sunday but in specific areas. More specifically, the customers from the Los Angeles and New York metropolitical areas. So, that was the reason why only a few of the customers got the Sunday delivery option. 

does amazon deliver on sunday

 So, to check whether USPS deliver to your area or not, you will get to know them at the checkout page. If you have seen USPS vans and employees in your area but didn’t get any Sunday delivery option on the checkout page, then contact USPS; they will ask for your zip code and tell you whether the service is advisable in your area or not. 

Does Amazon Ship On Weekends?

Yes! As I mentioned earlier about Amazon logistics service, Amazon launched their shipping service in 2014 but was not well developed at that time. But after the supply chain crisis, Amazon makes some biggest investments in their logistic systems to start their global transportation network. They allow small startups and beginners who want to start their package delivery system. 

Due to the rapid growth in Amazon’s logistic system, they are now successfully shipping 72% of orders. And now, they are taking some big steps on UPS and FedEx. In this way, Amazon is not only competing against the big companies but making their Flywheel stronger.

choose your prime delivery option

So, Amazon does not only provide weekend deliveries but also offers 50% low prices than UPS and FedEx.

 Here are some of the reviews of the people on Reddit:

Peoples reviews on reddit

You can get the answer I explained above through the screenshot above. However, Amazon has its shipping service and delivers 70% of the orders seven days a week. But, still, 30% of the orders are shipped by third-party services like USPS, UPS and FedEx that offer Sunday delivery to specific areas. 

But after seeing how fast Amazon is improving and expanding their logistic service, one day will come when Amazon will ship all their orders by themselves. Amazon launched their logistic service by keeping three main objectives in their mind:

  1. Deliver smiles.
  2. Reduce the shipping time.
  3. Offer 24/7 shipping service.

Is Sunday Delivery Free With Prime

Yes, Sunday delivery is included in the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership. Prime members in eligible areas can receive their orders on Sundays at no additional cost. Note that only select items are eligible for Sunday delivery, and also it’s based on the availability of service in your area. To check if Sunday delivery is available for your area, you can visit the Amazon website or mobile app and look for the “Sunday Delivery” option when selecting your delivery method during checkout.

Amazon Sunday delivery is a service that allows Prime members in eligible areas to receive their orders on Sundays at no additional cost. To use this service, customers must place their orders by the Friday deadline, typically set at noon, and select the “Sunday Delivery” option during checkout.

It’s important to note that not all items on Amazon are eligible for Sunday delivery, and the availability of this service can vary depending on the item and location. Additionally, Sunday delivery is only available in select cities and regions. Customers can check if Sunday delivery is available for their area by visiting the Amazon website or mobile app and looking for the “Sunday Delivery” option during checkout.

Additionally, Amazon also offers same-day delivery and one-day delivery in certain areas. These services are also included with Prime membership. Prime members in eligible areas can have their orders delivered on the same day as they are placed, or the next day, depending on the delivery option selected.

Will I Track My Amazon Order On Sunday

As an Amazon Prime member, you will be able to track your Sunday delivery order in the same way you would track any other order. Amazon provides tracking information for all orders, including those eligible for Sunday delivery.

When you place your order, you will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number. You can also track your order by visiting the “Your Orders” page on the Amazon website or mobile app. Once your order has been shipped, you will see a status update with a tracking link, which you can click on to see the latest information about your delivery, including the estimated delivery date and time.

It’s worth noting that delivery times can vary depending on the item and location, and there could be unforeseen delays due to factors such as traffic or weather conditions. Amazon will always inform you of any changes to your delivery status via email or text message.

How To Check If Amazon Delivers To Your Area?

There are a few ways to check if Amazon delivers to your area:

  1. Visit the Amazon website or mobile app and add an item to your cart. Once you’ve selected the item, enter your shipping address during checkout. If the item is eligible for delivery to your address, it will be confirmed at this step.
  2. Check the Amazon delivery page, which you can find by searching “Amazon delivery” in the search bar; here, you can see the delivery options available in your area by entering your zip code or address.
  3. Look for the “Prime delivery” or “Shipping and delivery” information on the product page. This will indicate if the item is eligible for delivery to your area and the estimated delivery date.
  4. Contact Amazon customer service for more information about delivery options in your area, and you can call their customer service or use the live chat feature on the website.

Keep in mind that the availability of Amazon delivery options can vary depending on the item and location, so it’s always best to check the delivery options at the time of purchase to confirm that the item can be delivered to your address.

Does UPS Or USPS Do their Sunday Deliveries

UPS and USPS do not have regular Sunday deliveries for most of their services. However, they do offer limited Sunday delivery options in certain circumstances.

United Parcel Service (UPS) offers UPS Sunday Delivery for select locations. This service is mainly for e-commerce package delivery and can be used for residential and business addresses. However, this service is only available in some places, and the availability may depend on the location and the type of service you have selected.

United States Postal Service (USPS) offers limited Sunday deliveries for Priority Mail Express packages, and this service is mainly for time-sensitive and urgent deliveries, such as medical items and legal documents. Also, they do have limited Sunday pickup and delivery options for Priority Mail and First-Class Mail packages in select locations. However, it’s worth noting that the delivery area and availability may vary depending on the location.

It’s best to check with the carrier for more information on the availability of Sunday delivery in your area and the specific service you need.

What Days Does Amazon Not Deliver?

 Although Amazon tries its best to deliver you fast shipping, there are some specific days on which Amazon does not provide you with any delivery service, even if you are a prime member. Neither will you have any delivery service on UPS, USPS and FedEx these days. 

  1. New Year’s Day.
  2. Memorial Day.
  3. Labor Day.
  4. Thanks Giving day.
  5. New Year’s Eve.

Other than these days, Amazon will deliver your orders 7 days a week.

Does Amazon Deliver At Night?

 Yes, the Amazon delivery time is usually between 6:00 am to 10:00 pm local time. So, it might be possible that you will receive your package at night. Most of the time, the late delivery is due to the same-day and next-day delivery. Usually, the prime customer receives late-night deliveries.

does amazon deliver at night

Does Amazon Deliver On Easter Sunday?

Yes, Amazon does deliver on easter Sunday because Easter does not come under a U.S federal holiday. Above, we have mentioned the days and events on which Amazon does not provide delivery.

Does Amazon Deliver To P.O Boxes?

Yes, but to ensure that your package will be delivered to the P.O. box, not your doorstep, you need to enter that address to address line 1.

add a p.o boxes address


Because, whenever a package will be delivered to you, it will always first be delivered to the address 1. Address 2 is a backup address used when the package cannot be delivered to address 1.

If you don’t have a P.O. near you and travel a lot or don’t have a permanent address and want to keep your package safe, you can use Hub Lockers. 

Is Amazon Open On Sundays?

The answer is yes! Amazon delivers on sunday

Amazon is a retail and technology company that operates primarily online. They do not have physical stores that are open on Sundays like traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. However, Amazon’s website and mobile app are accessible 24/7, and the company continues to process orders and provide customer service on Sundays. Additionally, Amazon has warehouses and delivery centers that operate on Sundays, so you can expect to receive your order as usual on Sundays.

Does Amazon Deliver Earlier Than Estimated Time?

Yes, Amazon does deliver faster than its estimated time. Here are some of the reviews of the buyers on that:

But there could be some Amazon shipping delays due to weather conditions, incorrect addresses, etc.

Do Amazon Delivery Drivers Know What You Ordered?

No, Amazon and Flipkart do not share product details with logistic services. Only the address and the bill will be printed on the invoice, so order whatever you want.


Q1. How late does Amazon deliver on Saturday?

Ans. Amazon Saturday delivery follows the same rules as weekdays, so your package will be delivered between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.

Q2. If you order something on Friday, when will it come?

Ans. If you order something on Friday, the package will probably arrive on Wednesday because Saturday and Sunday do not include business days. 

Q3. What time does Amazon start delivering on Sunday?

Ans. Standard Sunday delivery time starts from 9 am.

Q4. How to deliver Amazon packages faster?

Ans. To deliver packages faster, you must have your stock in the FBA warehouse and put desired states in the fastest standard shipping. 

Q5. Does Amazon prime deliver on Sunday?

Ans. Both Amazon prime and non-prime members can get their packages delivered on Amazon.


We have explained almost every possible question that you have or might have come across in your brain regarding the Amazon Sunday delivery. Our research and finding are the latest compared to other tons of articles on the internet, So I hope that this article helped you understand the factors related to Sunday delivery.

Being a buyer, if you ever received your package on Sunday, do share your experience with us. Thank you.

If you have inquiries regarding Amazon selling such as the fulfillment process, business strategies, choosing the most suitable management and analytics applications for your E-Commerce business, FBA vs FBM, or any other relevant topics, you can post your questions on Amazon Seller Forum. Our community of E-Commerce specialists are ready to assist you in finding the solutions you need.

February 26, 2024

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