Does USPS Deliver On Saturday

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USPS is an incredible delivery service for many local and small businesses. This service offers plenty of shipping options and reasonable rates; convenient pickup provides label buying for commercial organizations.

But the question is, does USPS deliver on Saturday? You might have experienced that waiting for your order for an extra day makes you irritable.

So, in this blog, I will elaborate on everything about USPS delivery timings and days and how their services differ from other shipping services.

What is USPS?

what is usps and what does usps stands for

What does USPS stand for? So, USPS stands for the United States Postal Service, a self-made agency created by the United States government to provide a convenient mailing service to the country’s citizens.

This service has good access to the mailboxes in the country and is the only delivery service that delivers letters to the natives of the country. The USPS was first created in 1792 and soon became a part of the executive cabinet with the Post Office Department.

Today, this organization has grown to become a full-time logistics service. Apart from its fastest shipping service, it also offers affordable deliveries to international sellers in more than 189 countries across the globe.

What are the types of USPS delivery services?

what are the types of usps delivery services

USPS offers a great variety of delivery options to its clients. Following are some of the best types of USPS mail for e-commerce sellers. As, In our prevision blog we already discuss about USPS first class vs Priority mail.

First Class Mail Service:

first class mail service

Many people ask the question of that whether USPS is open on Saturdays. So yes, they do so. The USPS’s First class mail service is an economical way of sending lightweight parcels and letters. This kind of delivery service endeavours the lowest prices for items that come under 13 ounces in weight.

First Class Mail also covers insurance up to $5,000 for damaged or misplaced merchandise. At the same time, e-shipping time for letters through first-class mail is 1 to 5 days. On the other hand, the items that start from $4.80 takes about 2 to 5 business days to get delivered.

Priority Mail Express:

priority mail express

Priority Mail Express is one of the quickest USPS delivery services across the United States. All the packages that come under this type may take a day or 2 to deliver the items. However, the service runs for over 365 days, except for only a few holidays.

Do you know that shipments insured for $100 may offer a money-back guarantee if not delivered on time? Does USPS priority mail have on Saturday? Yes, with a priority mail express, you may also contact your products offered on weekends. You can also mail an envelope through this service. However, you may have a flat rate price which must be based on the size of the envelope.

Media mail:

Media Mail is another shipping service offered by USPS delivery service that is meant for sending media and educational materials. This shipping method only allows you to send different items like books, manuscripts, play scripts, printed educational reference charts, sound and video recordings, and printed music and test materials.

Although this shipping time is limited to a specific genre, the maximum time it takes is probably the same as other shipping types.

Do the United States postal services deliver on Saturdays? Well, this is the most commonly asked question these days. So, yes, they also do not miss sending you the items on weekends. The media mail shipping method delivers your items on Saturdays also. However, it takes about 2 to 8 days to get your item shipped.

USPS Retail Ground:

usps retail ground

USPS Retail Ground is a parcel delivery service that delivers more significant items. The period for providing the article through this service is between 2 to 5 days. This is a common choice for many people as they are suitable for many people.

The maximum weight allowed to deliver an item through this service should be nearly 70 pounds and 130 inches. Remember that USPS retail ground service is available at the USPS post office. By this, I mean that you cannot even purchase the labels for retail ground through the click-and-ship portal. However, the USPS Saturday hours for this delivery service start in the morning.

Does USPS deliver on Saturdays?

does usps deliver on saturday?

One of the critical questions circulating all around is, does USPS ship on Saturday? So, let me overcome this query about USPS delivery timings.

Yes, that’s true. USPS delivers on Saturdays. This is because USPS, at the very start, used to provide the packages on weekends only. But now, with the immense growth in their business, they have expanded their delivery services and offer weekend and working days deliveries to their customers.

The business days for USPS now start from Monday to Saturday, and every kind of shipping is restricted to deliver on Saturday at any cost. They are so best in this regard as they never make their customers sad. USPS is a renowned name in the field of shipping services. It never disappoints its beloved clients.

How about the time at which USPS delivers the item on Saturday?

How about the time at which USPS delivers the item on Saturday?

Have you been searching for the question, does USPS deliver on Saturday? If so, you are at the right place to get the answer. So, my friend, it is informed that USPS also offers its delivery services on weekends. They pledge to deliver your items timely.

However, the Saturday delivery time depends on where you have placed the item. If it is nearby, they try to get your items delivered timely. Moreover, if the distance is too long to cover, they might inform you because USPS has a few shorter business hours on Saturdays. So, that’s why they avoid long-distance delivery.

How late is the delivery time of USPS on Saturday deliveries?

How late is the delivery time of USPS on Saturday deliveries?

For all the people asking for the delivery timing on Saturdays, USPS might also deliver your items on Saturdays. But the carriers aim to provide the delivery items sharp by 5 PM as per the local timings. Also, USPS apologizes for the arrival of late deliveries on busy periods and holidays like black Friday, Christmas, New year, and independence day.

What Are The Delivery Charges Of USPS For Weekend Delivery?

What Are The Delivery Charges Of USPS For Weekend Delivery?

There are many people out there who have been asking about USPS Saturday Hours and their delivery charges on weekends. Let me tell you, the delivery charges of USPS weekend delivery depend entirely on whether the item has been delivered on Saturdays or Sundays.

We assure you that the priority mail express, priority mail, first class mail, or any other delivery method must arrive on Saturday without paying additional charges.

But for the Sunday deliveries, USPS delivery service must charge you an additional cost of about $12.50 to get your order delivered on a priority basis through the priority mail express shipping method. Thereupon, the Sunday packages for delivery on Amazon do not charge you additional fees.


In conclusion, USPS delivers your items on Saturdays; you must go through their delivery services. Every service they offer is good and does not charge an extra amount except Sundays. Their services are tried and tested.

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September 1, 2023

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