Reply To: What should be the product tax code, on a listing backend?

    Esra bale

    The tax calculation service requires you to configure both Product Tax Code (PTC) and Jurisdiction settings for the calculation to take effect. The
    Product Tax Rules are applied by the PTC and are specific to the jurisdictions listed on the Amazon Product Tax Code List. PTCs can be assigned at the item level or the standard level.
    If no PTC assignment is assigned to the standard or item level, the tax calculation result for the item in the transaction using the “Always tax exempt” A_GEN_NOTAX product tax code will be tax exempt and will be a zero percent calculation.
    To view or edit the default product tax code: In
    Seller Central, go to Settings.
    Click Tax Settings.
    Under Tax Calculation Rules, use the drop-down menu next to Default Product Tax Code.
    Select the default product tax code
    Use the View Product Tax Code link next to the drop-down menu to see the complete list of PTCs and the rules associated with each.
    Read the tax methodology and terms of use and select the confirmation box
    Click Save Settings