Reply To: how to set up ppc on amazon?


    For setting up PPC campaigns on amazon, follow some important steps:
    1) Log in to Amazon Seller Central and go to Advertising > Campaign Manager > and under that click on > View campaign then click on Create campaign.
    You will be facing three types of campaigns (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and sponsored display).
    (If you are new and create a new campaign then I will suggest you to keep it simple and create an auto campaign because from this campaign you will get more relative keywords that will be effective for your products and will be used in listing and other campaigns).
    2) Decide on a campaign name
    3) End date for Amazon Sponsored Products campaign: Yes/no?
    4) Set the right daily budget
    5) Automatic vs. manual targeting
    6) Create an ad group
    7) The exciting part of Sponsored Products setup–the bidding!
    8) Amazon bid modifiers: “Adjust bids by placement
    9) Add Negative Keywords
    10) click on launch.