Reply To: How can I get the LUCID Registration number?

    John Aly

    To register the account you must have a license number of dual system company
    Dual System means that you have haired the company for the recycle of the packaging of your waste material like products extra packaging.
    You can hire any dual system companies like Lizenzero or other dual system companies to recycle your packaging, then after hiring the dual system company you have to submit your information of the packaging like the waight and number of packages that you will sell in the coming year. The dual system company gives you a license number,
    For getting the LUCID registration number go to this link:
    Create the account in LUCID website and wait for 24 hours for the completion of the account.
    Then enter the information of regarding the Dual System and other required.
    Enter these information in your LUCID account for registration, when LUCID will verify the information it will provide you a registration number.