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Reply To: My account has been suspended or blocked, how do I appeal?


    An Amazon suspension can be extremely distressing for many sellers and poses a significant risk to their reputation and income.
    You may still file an appeal if you are suspended. An action plan will be necessary. When a seller is restricted, they are losing money every minute! In some cases, getting sellers reinstated may take weeks or months.
    Referring to Amazon’s policies and agreements page and reviewing your Seller Central performance metrics, you must carefully study the suspension notification to determine which rule (or rules) you broke. If you want additional details about your suspension and you still have access to Support, you could choose to file a ticket.
    Be sure to mention the suspension’s cause(s) in your appeal.
    Accept responsibility and admit that you injured the customer.
    Inform Amazon of your commitment to offering fantastic customer service and your understanding that selling on their website is a privilege.
    Don’t be critical of Amazon’s product-quality control procedure.