Reply To: What is difference between brand authorization and brand registry?

    Barden John

    Market Demand
    When you are going to build a brand first step is to identify your target audience your potential customers and your current competitor’s market demand.

    Identify the unique Brand Name
    The second one is a brand name which is very important you have to identify the best name for your brand and easy to remember for the customers.

    Add Value
    You have to add value to your product when you are going to build your brand it is the best way to beat your competitor, for example, if your competitor is selling a soap mold pack of the one you have added two different colors of soap molds to grab the customers.

    Brand Logo
    Your brand should ideally be established with a unique, identifiable, and highly scalable logo that functions in all sizes. For instance, it will be nearly impossible to read if your Instagram avatar is a text logo. Make sure to use a simpler design a square version of your business logo that includes a logomark, which is a recognizable icon or symbol even at smaller sizes.

    Storytelling about your brand
    You have to describe a story about how you established a brand because some people are also interested to read a story about your brand.