Reply To: What is the process for creating a product bundle listing on Amazon?

    John Aly

    First of Mr. Sylvester decide which products you want to bundle together. Now determine the SKU, each bundle should have a unique SKU to differentiate it from individual product listings. You can create a new SKU or use an existing one if you have one for the bundle.Set the price for the bundle.
    By following these steps you can create the bundle listing:
    1. Now, go to the “Add a Product” page on Amazon Seller Central and create a new listing for the bundle.
    2. You will need to enter the product title, description, images, and other product information.
    3. The “Offer” section, indicate that it’s a bundle by selecting “Bundle” as the product type.
    4. Then, enter the bundle SKU and the quantity of each product in the bundle.
    5. Set up inventory.
    6. Click on the “Save and finish” button to save the listing. In this way you can create the listing.