Reply To: How do I improve my Account Health Rating?

    David Ashan

    Monitor your account metrics: Regularly check your account health metrics such as Order Defect Rate (ODR), Late Shipment Rate, and Cancellation Rate. Understanding how these metrics work will allow you to improve them.

    Address customer complaints promptly: Respond to customer complaints promptly and resolve issues as soon as possible. This can prevent negative feedback and improve your order metrics.

    Optimize your product listings: Make sure your product listings are accurate and up-to-date. Use high-quality images, clear product descriptions, and ensure that your products are categorized correctly.

    Fulfill orders on time: Deliver products on time and make sure they are in good condition. Late shipments and damaged products can lead to negative feedback and hurt your account health rating.

    Monitor your inventory levels: Keep track of your inventory levels and make sure your products are always in stock. If a product goes out of stock, it can negatively impact your account health rating.

    Avoid policy violations: Follow Amazon’s policies and guidelines to avoid policy violations. Violating Amazon policies can result in account suspension or negative feedback, which can harm your account health rating.

    Monitor your seller feedback: Monitor your seller feedback and respond to any negative feedback by addressing the issue and offering a solution.