Reply To: What are the restrictions on creating coupons for my Amazon listings?


    • Products with no reviews are eligible.
    • If a product has reviews, it must meet the following criteria:
    o Products with 1-4 reviews must have an average rating of at least 2.5 stars.
    o Products with 5+ reviews must have an average rating of at least 3 stars.
    • Products can be seller-fulfilled or sent via Fulfillment by Amazon, or Seller-Fulfilled Prime.
    • Products must be in new condition.
    The following products are not eligible for coupons:
    • Products in used condition, collectibles, or certified refurbished (renewed)
    • Adult products
    • Products of the following types:
    o Sexual Wellness
    o Hunting and fishing
    o Guns and gun accessories
    o Books, music, video, and DVD
    • Products that have offensive, embarrassing, or inappropriate content on the product detail page.

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