Reply To: How can I create a coupon for my products as an Amazon seller?

    John Aly

    First of all please notice that you can run maximum upto 50% coupon on a product. To run the coupon on the product, please hover over the advertising tab and click on the Coupon. Now click on create coupon, if you want to run multiple coupons at the same time then please click on bulk coupon. If you want to run a single coupon then click on the “create coupon”, Search your product in the search catalog through the ASIN, select the product and then click on coupon, Now, select the time duration of the coupon like starting date and ending date of coupon. Then select the discount that you want to offer to your customer. Add the coupon budget minimum $100. Add the coupon title then select the targeted audiences. Now click on, continue and review the setting after reviewing click on submit, amazon will review the coupon and in next 6 hours your coupon will be live.