Amazon has received fewer units than I sent in the shipment.

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    The shipment is closed and Amazon has received fewer units than I sent. What is the solution?

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      John Aly

      For example you have shipped 500 units of product and your shipment is closed on 469 units. that means you have 31 units in the discrepancies. Either amazon have to pay the missing units cost or pay by the manufacturer. If the units are missed from the amazon side then Go to shipping queue and click on the “track the shipment” now click on the content that is a new update of the amazon for the details of the units. Click on discrepancy units and you will receive and case creation requirements. Update the POD file (proof of delivery) or proof of ownership file to create the case with amazon for recovery of the missing units. create the case log by follow the instructions as given. You will receive amazon response and after some time you will get the money of that units or will get the inventory in available.

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