Amazon not reimbusre full amount now how to solve this ?

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    Stella George

    As a seller of automotive parts, I recently sold a $50 belt to a buyer. However, the buyer requested a return and sent back a used/worn/old belt instead of the original product. I reported the issue to Amazon and filed a Safe-T claim, providing pictures of the worn-out belt as evidence. Despite this, Amazon refunded only $9, citing the belt’s “materially different” condition. I appealed the decision and was granted an additional $15, but subsequent appeals were denied. I find this arbitrary decision-making unfair, as the buyer now has a free belt while I suffer a loss of revenue. In my opinion, Amazon should reimburse me for the full sale what should i do ?

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      Try to approach again Amazon and ask them for more reimbursement but Amazon do what they feel is okay they mostly do not reimburse the full amount if you are doing FBM.

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