When Does Amazon Report A Seller On Suspicious Activities?

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    Faizan Ahmed

    Definition Of Suspicious:

    Various behaviors can be referred to as suspicious network activity, including unusual access patterns, database activities, file changes, and other unusual behaviors that may be signs of an attack or data breach. Why Amazon report a seller & How to report an Amazon seller? Below is the complete guide about amazon suspicious activities.

    The below activities usually count as suspicious Activities:

    Paid Review

    The use of bought reviews has long been against Amazon’s terms of service. They’ve even taken legal action against those who promise to write reviews in exchange for payment. However, giving away free goods in exchange for reviews is a completely different matter.

    What Does Amazon Do To The Paid Review Listings?

    If Amazon discovers that you have purchased reviews, it will remove them from your listings and alert your Account through the warning.

    Wrong Category

    This will also be considered suspicious Activity because you put your product in the incorrect category, which is completely unrelated to the nature of your product, and you are selling it under the same category. As a result, Amazon will give you a warning if you do not change it. It will remove your detail page because you are selling the product under the incorrect category, indirectly harming that particular category’s reputation in the amazon marketplace.

    Hijacking Competitor’s Listing

    When an illegal seller lists a knockoff of your goods on Amazon, this is known as listing hijacking. These fake goods are typically inexpensive replicas of the real goods that your company manufactures and markets.
    An individual can easily take over one of your product listings on Amazon. They only need to take the names and images of your products, and they can quickly list their imitations. Once published, the hijacked Listing may be hard for customers to spot as a fake, and they may be quite alluring to bargain hunters.

    What Will Amazon Do With The Hijackers?

    If all goes according to plan, the trademark or copyright-infringing items will be withdrawn from Amazon’s marketplace, and you can continue doing business as usual.
    Typically, the procedure takes one to three business days. We advise submitting a second copyright or trademark infringement report on Amazon following this if you don’t get a confirmation email from Amazon.
    If they accept your complaint, double-check that the Listing has been taken down because occasionally, it will still be up, but the product will say “unavailable.” You will need to resubmit the complaint in this situation.

    Drop Shipping

    Drop shipping, when a third party fills a client’s purchase on your behalf, is only permitted if the buyer knows you are the seller of record. The following drop shipping instances are policy transgressions that can prevent you from being able to sell through Amazon’s Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN):
    It is strictly forbidden, without any exceptions, to buy goods from another online retailer and have that retailer ship them directly to customers if the shipment does not list you as the seller of record or if someone else (including the other online retailer) appears on packing slips, invoices, or external packaging; or
    It is also completely forbidden to ship purchases with packing slips, invoices, external packaging, or any information that includes a different seller’s name or contact details than your own.
    Anytime a consumer sees packing, invoices, or receipts that identify a seller other than you or Amazon, it makes them uncertain about how their order is being fulfilled and who they should contact if they have any issues or queries.

    (NOTE: You will face Account suspension from Amazon).

    Product Quality And Standards

    You must adhere to the rules when selling on Amazon and refrain from offering prohibited, illegal, misrepresented, or used things. Additionally, it’s crucial to be informed about Amazon’s restrictions regarding products that cannot be purchased in various nations. The following things are prohibited: alcohol, explosives, money and coins, tobacco, etc. Amazon will suspend your Account if it is discovered that you are selling any of these items.


    Amazon is a platform that has a greater potential to dominate all other online platforms in the e-commerce industry. Although there are many advantages to having an Amazon account, some sellers misuse the service. This includes various fraudulent acts or, to put it another way, various seller account actions that may cause a policy violation on Amazon. This includes paid reviews, drop shipping, hijacking other people’s listings, selecting the incorrect category, counterfeit products, etc. If Amazon notices these behaviors damaging its reputation, it will take stern disciplinary measures following its standards and policies. Amazon might warn you or remove your listing detail page. If Amazon discovers that this action is seriously affecting its reputation, it may suspend your Account.

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      Thank you for this, I would like to add to these that paid reviews sellers can manipulate in such a way that Amazon sometimes cannot actually understand or catch them, also about drop shipping it is legal as you mentioned you need to be the seller of record for that, but the seller can manipulate this as well, by using a such supplier that can make you a seller of record and ship, they sell generally to the drop shippers.

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