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amazon required evidence of delivery to activate the account

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    Stella George

    Hello, I require assistance regarding an issue with Amazon. I received a message from Amazon stating, “Insufficient information is available to reactivate your account. Our ability to confirm the delivery of your recent orders, which were fulfilled by you as a seller, is limited. Please provide evidence of delivery or verify the accuracy of the currently uploaded tracking information. You can find tracking information in the Manage Orders section of your seller account. This evidence may include confirmation of receipt from the buyer or documentation proving delivery.” Despite submitting proof of delivery obtained from the respective carriers for each product, Amazon continues to respond with the same message. How can I obtain confirmation of receipt from the buyer? Have others experienced a similar situation?

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      Anna Norah

      Hey Stella, Try to upload a spreadsheet with the order number, tracking numbers, and delivery dates. You can also attach the courier website links that show the delivery of your orders. Maybe it will work.

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