Amazon says my 309 units are defective..

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    Hi everyone, as I mentioned in title Amazon suddenly change my inventor to unfulfillable statue and the reason is defective item, what should I do?

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      You can ask seller support to inspect the items’ warehouse. If not, you will be required to arrange to have them returned to you. You might be able to identify the problem once you get them back.


      As stated by “Sam” here you can for sure contact seller support and get the inventory inspected, in some case, they can actually send in pictures to you, however, if with this amount of data, you cannot figure out the problem then you’re needed to get you inventory send back to you and check it yourself.

      Anna Norah

      If you think that your product is not breakable, you should contact Amazon to have your inventory investigated. They will then tell you whether your inventory is damaged or not. Otherwise, you return that inventory to your warehouse address. If they are not damaged, make another shipment, label it, and ship it to Amazon. Otherwise, they will liquidate your inventory, and you will get only 5 to 10% of your actual price. So, it is better to return the inventory to your address.

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