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    Faizan Ahmed

    In the shipment performance dashboard, you can view coaching tips, trends, and insights to help resolve problems with your shipments to Amazon Performance is calculated over the past 120 days.
    The Amazon platform just added a new feature: a shipping performance dashboard.
    Your one-stop resource for monitoring and controlling your shipping performance is the dashboard for shipment performance. The dashboard lists all faults discovered when we received your shipments in the last 120 days and highlights persistent problems that may need to be fixed. Problem groups at the critical and high levels are displayed in red, yellow, and blue, respectively.

    Amazon shipping performance dashboard

    The dashboard displays your performance across the major issue categories to compare your key performance indicators to performance objectives. It outlines how we assess your performance in light of performance coaching and provides assistance to help you continue to perform at your best.

    You May Perform The Following Using The Dashboard:

    • Comparing your recent problem rate with acceptable problem rates

    Problem rates are derived by dividing the total number of units or shipments received over the previous 120 days by the number of problematic units or shipments. The maximum proportion of issues permitted for the problem group is known as the acceptable problem rate. Your problem rate is determined each day and updated each time you send us a new shipment or whenever we discover a new issue with one of your shipments.

    • Examine the patterns in your performance during the last 120 days

    The graph displays your progress and lets you see your daily issue rate. The graph displays pop-up details on issues you’ve addressed when new shipments or issues have been discovered and when and why your coaching level has changed.

    • Improve problem-solving and problem-finding for specific individual

    View the whole list of open issues and resolve them, or view issues that have already been handled under particular issue groups. Your search results may be filtered by problem group and problem kind and sorted by those parameters.

    Useful Hints For The Dashboard

    • At least once every week, keep an eye on your progress. As problems arise with your shipments in real-time, thanks to our technology, the dashboard will be updated, and your problem rate will be regularly recalculated.
    • Learn which are the most common problem groups and how to resolve them.
    • Focus on your performance over the last 120 days as you respond to each issue still open. While we acknowledge that mistakes might happen occasionally, recurrent occurrences point to the need for corrective action.
    • You can register a dispute and detail your circumstances if you think the coaching you received has no bearing on the product in issue.


    A few days ago, Amazon launched a shipment performance dashboard to help you manage your shipment to us more efficiently and confidently. You can compare your key performance indicators to performance targets and take action to quickly resolve shipment problems. Monitor your overall performance and prevent shipment problems by accessing the dashboard from your shipping Queue or by going to shipment performance. Sellers may determine the appropriate inventory based on real product sales, which optimizes inventory costs, increases supply chain coordination effectiveness, reduces the risk of out-of-stock and redundancy, and significantly raises performance indicators.

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      This is quite a helpful update by Amazon, but it made things a bit more strict as well, previously if you don’t enter the tracking code you can still send in the shipment with no problem, but now if you missing one they will increase the problem rate, which can have an impact on your shipping ability.

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