Approvals for Private-Labeled Cosmetics

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    I’m a new Amazon seller, and I’m attempting to gain permission to sell private-label cosmetics that were made by a third party.
    Am I the maker or a re-seller/distributor in this situation?
    Where can I get the labelling regulations, too? I looked through the help area but couldn’t find anything useful. Even if my website is included on the label, Amazon insists that I display the contact information.

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      First you have to request for allow you the permission to sell Cosmetics because these products are usually gated, Amazon will ask you to provide some documents regarding the quality and other stuff which Amazon will tell you then after submitting the documents you will be able to start selling Cosmetics on Amazon.

      Barden John

      First, you have to get permission from the brand or their authorized distributors, You have to list your cosmetic item on Amazon and check what documents amazon requires from you to list that particular Product. You have to fulfill all Requirements in order to get approval.

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