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Black Owned Business Badge

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    Faizan Ahmed

    Amazon Launches a New Way to Shop for Black-Owned Businesses:

    Amazon has stated that it is testing a new Black-Owned Business emblem in recognition of Black Business Month and the first anniversary of Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator. The Badge’s goal is to assist Black-owned small companies in reaching more consumers and make it simpler for customers to discover, buy for, and support Black-owned businesses selling on Amazon’s website.

    Customers will see the Black-Owned Business emblem when a Black-owned business sells the current highlighted deal for a product. During this test, the Black-Owned Business emblem will be found on a subset of qualified product offer detail pages and under Search in Amazon’s US store.

    Here is What Amazon Had to Say About This:

    “As part of Amazon’s commitment to supporting and empowering the Black community, we are testing a new badge to make it even easier for customers to identify and shop products that come from Black-owned businesses,”

    Cause of The Process:

    “We are eager to learn how the badge best helps customers discover Black-owned businesses and how it can help Black entrepreneurs succeed and grow in Amazon’s store.”

    One of the news has reported that amazon is now helping black women look ahead of the idea of using black businesses, which will eventually lead to more sales for amazon. Here is what another news forecast has reported on this.

    In addition, Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator will be the principal presenting sponsor for Boss Women Media’s Black Girl Magic Digital Summit, which will premiere on Prime Video on August 27 at 2 p.m. CDT. Now in its third year, the summit encourages Black women entrepreneurs by sharing tools and stories and developing a network of powerful allies.

    How to Get Black-Owned Badge:

    If you are a black person and want to get the black-owned business badge, you need to get certified by amazon. Once you are certified for the Badge, you will find the Badge appearing on your product listings.
    For the certifications, amazon has not defined criteria yet, but you will likely get certified by the government agencies by providing your documentation.
    There is no more information from amazon on how to get the Badge yet.


    When we examine why Amazon is taking this step and creating the black-owned business badge, it all comes down to one thing: more sales for Amazon.

    It will also be a fantastic cause to help black people develop strong enterprises and have great allies for them in the future, which will be great for them. Amazon improves its sales by attracting more customers to the site.

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      This is quite a good initiative by Amazon, however, the one problem with this is you need to have your business settled in the USA and you need to be an American native, so, no luck for black people living outside the USA.


      Companies can become more profitable if they have this but currently, Black owned business badge is only for the US citizens but according to my opinion it shoulde be available for all the people who are living outside the US.

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