Can I get back the honeymoon period or not?

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    So I had a product the listing of which was activated, but we didn’t make sales as the inventory still was in receiving, and eventually, it became stranded due to an issue, now I want to re-launch it, can we still get the honeymoon period back, also can you specify exactly what honeymoon period is?

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      The honeymoon period is when you launch a product at that you have no sales history so Amazon doesn’t know for which keyword your product is relevant or not, at this time you will be able to get to 1st page and get some sales until Amazon figure out what keyword is relevant and what is not, then your ranking will drop and you have to maintain. One way to get it back is if you create a new listing and get your inventory relabeled.


      Yes if you create new listing for that product and relabel your product.

      John David

      Now if you want the honeymoon period back you have to relaunch your product, your have to create new listing for the product and relabeled the product, Honeymoon period is actually the time when you launch your product and amazon help you to get ranking and sales, the honeymoon period is about 3 to 4 weeks and after then you have to maintain the ranking.


      If you want to get back the honeymoon period for any of your product you want to first clear the the inventory you have shipped to amazon and after again sending the inventory you have to relabeled it for this you can get back the honeymoon period for your products.

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