Can I send user manual to customers which bought my product?

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    I have received a message that one of the buyers having trouble while assembling the product which they bought from me. This problem may also occur with other customers so I want to send the user manual to all my previous customers. How can I approach and send the user manuals to them in order to fix the problem they are facing?

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      you can send a user manual and user guide of the product to the customer by going into the customer order id there will be a customer name click on that name
      it’ll direct you towards the internal messaging options to find out any option that is enabled type your message and attach the manual and click send.

      I would recommend you should upload that user manual on the listing so that all of the customers can see and check the manual to solve their issues.


      There are 2 ways to address this issue, either you can on order id of each customer and send them the user manual in message or the best thing is to upload the user manual in your listing or A+ images to made it available to each and every customer

      Anna Norah

      Riz, you can contact customers through messages. Go to the customer order Id and then click on the customer name. It will direct you to the message section. Here you can send them a soft copy of your manual. If you are facing this issue with all of your customers, contacting each customer would be very drastic, so you should upload the user manual on your product detail page (use in listing images or in the A+ content, also write manually about the assembly of your product) so customers easily understand how to assemble the product.
      In your next shipment, you can tell the supplier to add a user manual to the package also. So it really helps you in the future.


      Yes you can send the user manual to customers which bought your product but the best way you have to upload the user manual to your listing


      If you’ve uploaded the user manual to your listings then there is no need to send him the user manual but in case you haven’t uploaded it yet you can send it to your customer.

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