Can I submit return by manually visiting Amazon office/warehouse?

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    Kallis Roy

    Amazon warehouse/office is very close to my home. I need to return the product. Can I manually submit it to the office?

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      Take your item to the Amazon Hub Counter and show your return QR code to the Amazon Hub Counter associate. The Amazon Hub Counter associate scans the QR code to accept the return. The Amazon Hub Counter associate puts your item into a polyethylene bag, applies a return label to the package, and sends it back to Amazon.

      This Time Too Shall Pass
      John Wiz

      You can make the return through Amazon Hub Counter. If your location is eligible then you with have this option available. You have to create your QR code if you want to make the return through the amazon hub counter. The amazon hub counter will scan the QR code and then he will accept the item. (But remember not all items are eligible for return by Amazon Hub Counter)

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