Can I use any emoji which has trademark in products description?

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    Kallis Roy

    If I am using a emoji which has TM, then can I use it in description?

    For example: Nike tick may have TM ,so can I use it as emoji?

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      If something is part of someone’s brand or products, e.g. Nike’s tick on itself has no meaning, however, if their logo or brand name was just the “tick” then you won’t be able to use it, another example is the emoticon “:-)” is a registered trademark for a clothing line so you cannot use a such emoticon.


      It is usually permissible to use a trademarked emoji in a description or communication, as long as the use is not misleading or infringing on the trademark holder’s rights. However, the use of a trademarked emoji can be a complex matter in terms of trademark law, and there may be certain situations where such use could be considered infringing. If you have any doubts or concerns about using a trademarked emoji, it is recommended to seek guidance from a legal professional who is knowledgeable about trademark law.

      John Aly

      Yes you can use but to avoid any potential legal issues, it is best to either obtain permission from the trademark owner to use the emoji in your description or to use a different non-trademarked emoji that conveys a similar meaning.


      Yes, you can use the Nike tick emoji with the TM symbol in your description as long as it’s used in a descriptive or informative way and not in a way that could create confusion or imply endorsement or affiliation with Nike without permission.

      This Time Too Shall Pass
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