Can we launch a product in a relevant category that isn’t main?

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    So, I have a product that we want to launch but the main category has too much competition, can we rather go for a relevant category that has 5-15% of our products? how will it impact our sales?

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      George Henry

      yes you can launch in relevant category.

      Anna Norah

      Yes, you can go with other categories. You can get good sales through this category as well because some other sellers have also listed their products in that category. I have experienced this with one of my listings. My listing category has too much competition and I am not getting any sales. Then I saw some sellers had listed their products in another category. Then I changed my category, and within 2 to 3 days, my product stats were receiving orders and its BSR was improving. Another thing is that my main category has high FBA fees, and when I change my category, its FBA fees are lower by $2 than the main category, which amazed me at the time. , it is beneficial to change categories if some other sellers have also listed their products in that category.


      Other categories are available. Because some other merchants have also listed their products in that area, you can also make good sales through it. This has happened to one of my listings, in my experience. There is too much competition in my listing category, and sales are not happening. Then I discovered that some vendors had classified their goods under a different category. When I altered my category, my product stats started to receive orders and its BSR started to rise within two to three days. Another issue is that when I switch to a different category, its FBA rates are $2 less than the main category, which at the time astounded me. My primary category has hefty FBA fees.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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