Does Amazon consider any applicable fee while refunding me funds?

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    Kallis Roy

    If Amazon is refunding me because of reimbursement claim then will they refund me complete listing price of unit or will deduct any fee?

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      You’ll be getting full in case of units that went missing after shipment, and fee will be deducted in case of returns.


      If you file a reimbursement claim for an item that was lost or damaged in Amazon’s fulfillment process, you may receive a full refund for the listing price of the unit, as well as any associated fees or charges, such as referral fees or fulfillment fees. However, if the reimbursement claim is related to customer returns or other issues that are not caused by Amazon, there may be deductions or limitations on the amount refunded.

      David Ashan

      When Amazon reimburses you for an item through a reimbursement claim, they will generally refund you the purchase price of the item. However, Amazon may deduct certain fees from the reimbursement amount, such as the FBA fees or any other fees associated with selling the item on the platform.

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