Does Amazon offer free shipping to order items?

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    Kallis Roy

    I have 3 items with 12.5 and 12.5 $ and it is total 25$. Can Amazon free shipping now although item price is less?

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      It depends on the shipping destination and the item’s eligibility for free shipping. For items sold and shipped by Amazon, if the total order value is over $25, it may be eligible for free standard shipping. However, if the items are not eligible for free shipping, or if you want faster shipping options, you may have to pay for shipping.

      Esra bale

      If this meets the seller’s policy of free shipping like if the seller says to make a $ 25 purchase from that individual and get free shipping and if this is the case you will get free shipping and if this the case you will get that otherwise not if you make both purchases from different sellers.


      According to what you said, you’ll eventually be eligible to get free shipping on your order, although as stated by Esra here, you should check if you fulfill the seller policy, etc. also you can check from the checkout page if you’re eligible for it or not.

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