EPA Certification & Its Importance

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    Faizan Ahmed

    EPA certificate stands for Environmental Protection Agency Certificate, which is very important if you have products that require EPA certification because amazon only removes your listing once you provide that certification.
    If you list products for sale on Amazon, you must comply with all federal, state, and other laws and Amazon policies applicable to those products and product listings.
    The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certificate of Conformity (COC), confirming conformity with federal emissions rules, is required of manufacturers and importers of fuel-powered engines (including engines that are components of other products) and fuel-powered and electric-powered vehicles before they are brought into commerce or imported into the US. You are in charge of figuring out whether any products you list on Amazon need an EPA COC.

    Examples Of Products That Require An EPA COC

    Products that require an EPA certification are as follows:
    Fuel-powered engines.
    Fuel-powered lawnmowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws.
    Fuel-powered generators.
    Fuel-powered marine motors and outboard motor engines.
    Fuel-powered motorized bicycle engine kits.
    Fuel-powered off-highway motorcycles,
    Fuel-powered all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and off-road utility vehicles.
    Fuel-powered and electric-powered highway motorcycles.
    Fuel-powered wood chippers.
    And all other tools that use any fuel.

    Steps To Submit EPA COC Numbers

    To submit an EPA COC number for a single product, complete the following steps:

    If you do not have the EPA COC number, then contact the product manufacturer or importer to obtain the EPA COC number.

    • Sign in to seller central.
    • Find the listing you want to edit, and select edit from the drop-down menu for that listing.
    • In the new tab that pops up, navigate to the safety & compliance tab.
    • Scroll down to compliance regulation type and select EPA Certificate of Conformity (COC).
    • In the regulatory identification box, enter the EPA COC number as it appears on the COC document. Include dashes and periods as present in the COC number. Examples of EPA COC numbers include NCEXL0275AAH-008.
    • Click save and finish.

    Another Way To Add That EPA Certificate Number Is Via Uploading A Flat File.

    1. Sign in to seller central.
    2. Go to the catalogue tab and select add products via upload.
    3. Click the download an inventory file tab.
    4. Under step 1: Select the types of products you want to sell, enter in the “search tool” box the products for which you wish to search and click Search.
    5. Click Select to add the desired product categories to the inventory file template.
    6. Under step 2: Select the template type, select custom mode, and select the essential and compliance attributes from the available attribute groups options.
    7. Click add to selected attribute groups.
    8. Click generate the template. This will generate an excel spreadsheet.
    9. Open the excel spreadsheet. In the template tab, enter the SKUs that need to be updated in the seller SKU column.
    10. Select partial update from the drop-down options in the update delete column.
    11. Navigate to the safety & compliance section and select EPA Certificate of Compliance (COC) from the drop-down list under compliance regulation.
    12. Enter the EPA COC number in the regulatory identification column. Include dashes and periods as present in the COC number. Examples of EPA COC numbers include NCEXL0275AAH-008.
    13. After you build your inventory file, save the file either as tab-delimited text (.txt) or excel (.xls) format.
    14. Go to the inventory tab, select add products via upload, and click the upload your inventory file tab.
    15. Complete the fields in the upload file section and click upload.
    16. Click the monitor upload status tab. The date, time, batch ID, status, and results of your most recent upload are displayed here.
    17. Click download your processing report to review the processing report after each upload. If your processing report shows errors, modify your inventory file and upload the file again.

    Alternative To That Certification

    You must provide the valid EPA COC number issued to the product to put it in Amazon’s online store, which requires an EPA COC (or its component engine). The listing can be taken down once an EPA COC number is obtained if a legitimate one is given. Contact the product’s maker or importer to request the EPA COC number if you still need to get one.
    Instead of an EPA COC, Amazon also accepts a valid California Air Resources Board Executive Order (CARB EO) number demonstrating compliance with California emissions requirements.

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      This was a 50-50 thing for the seller, as it is a step kind of taken to protect the environment, however, the sellers were getting the listing removed and kind of a hassle to get the EPA certification, thank you for showing the process or submitting the certificate, this does make things a bit easier to understand.


      It is an effort to preserve the environment, but the sellers were having trouble receiving the EPA certification, so we appreciate you outlining the procedure and providing the certificate. This helps make things a little clearer. Thank you

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