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    Faizan Ahmed

    Amazon FBA New Selection Program that’s especially for those who are new to FBA and Amazon provides benefits to the new FBA sellers that include free monthly storage, free liquidation for inventory, and free return processing for new FBA-qualified parent ASINs.

    Benefits for New FBA Sellers

    benefits of amazon fba new selection program

    This FBA Selection program is only available for eligible parent ASINs that are new to FBA. Once you are enrolled in this program, fee waiver benefits can be used to create an unlimited number of new-to-FBA parent ASINs that you create.
    The brand owner who completes a brand-registry can qualify for a monthly 10% rebate (on average) on sales of eligible ASINs. Amazon calculates the rebate fee based on the product category and the referral fees that are charged from the seller. The rebate fee is applied to your fulfillment fees. For ASINs that are new to FBA, the rebate applies up to 30 units for qualified oversize items for 90 days, and up to 100 units for qualified standard-size items for 120 days.
    If you create your first shipment within 90 days of listing your first buyable ASIN as a new FBA seller, Amazon will automatically enroll you in this program.
    Standard-size ASINs are eligible for free monthly storage and free liquidations. For the first 100 units of each new parent ASIN, Amazon does not charge a monthly storage fee for the first 120 days after the first unit is received at a fulfillment centre. If required, you can liquidate any of those items within 180 days after the items are received with no liquidation fees. For up to 30 units of each new parent ASIN, the same timeline is applicable to oversized ASIN
    There are some more benefits for the new sellers in the apparel and shoes categories. For the first 100 units of any new parent ASIN, Amazon does not charge monthly storage fees for 120 days and does not charge liquidation fees within 180 days. Moreover, Amazon will not charge any return processing costs for up to 20 units of each standard-size parent ASIN.
    The benefits of the New Selection Program will be applied immediately to each Amazon store where you have an active account.

    New FBA Selection Eligibility Criteria

    This program is just for the professional sellers. To enroll in the program your Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score must be 400 or above. If you have not been assigned an IPI you can still get the benefits of this program.
    This program requires eligibility maintenance after enrollment in order to get benefits Every day, based on your IPI score, your eligibility status will be updated.
    You’ll remain eligible for this benefit until the next new selection assessment which occurs on April 1, this means that even if your IPI will be changed during that period you are still eligible for this program. However, if your IPI score is lower than 400 on the next assessment date, you will be removed from this beneficial program. This means that an IPI of at least 400 is required.
    You are eligible for this program on the date that your first new-to-FBA ASIN is received at an Amazon warehouse to qualify for the free monthly storage fee, free liquidations fee, and free return processing fee.
    You are qualifying for the sales rebate by Amazon if you have completed your brand registry and you must be a brand owner.

    ASIN Eligibility Criteria

    • You are must new to FBA.
    • Small, medium, and large oversize items as well as standard-size and oversize items are eligible for this program, but not special oversize items.
    • This program excludes ASINs that fall within the Media category and used goods. A few examples of media categories are Books, DVDs, Music, Software & Computer/Video Games, Video, Video Game Consoles, and Video Game Accessories.
    • Only apparel and shoe categories are eligible for free return processing.
    • To qualify for the free return processing, an ASIN must be in the Apparel, Clothing & or Shoes category.
    • You also can not enroll new ASINs that are created by bundle products with the same or different existing FBA ASINs.


    Where can I check the status of the FBA Selection Program?

    You will get access to the FBA New Selection dashboard after enrolling in the program. Your participation in the program along with the benefits you receive and the ASINs that qualify are displayed on the dashboard.

    If there any limit to sending 100 or fewer units to fulfillment centers?

    No, you can send in as many units as you want. However, this advantage is only applicable to the first 100 units of each qualifying standard-size ASIN and the first 30 units of each eligible oversize ASIN that are received at fulfillment centers.


    With new FBA Selection Program, Amazon encourages sellers to use the FBA program. Overall, it’s a great feature for new sellers to launch their new products with low risk
    and the best thing about this program it’s free! There is no fee applicable to get the program benefits.
    This program is especially beneficial for those who are brand register sellers on Amazon. A low-risk approach to experimenting with stocking a new product at Amazon fulfilment centers is to take advantage of the waived FBA storage and removal fees. If you are a seller trying to drive more traffic and boost sales of your products, you can focus on promotion and building your products because this program saves your money.

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      This is quite good news for sellers who are at the lower end of the spectrum, who want to invest less, and who want to try out things, quite a good thing, I have taken benefits from this program and it does satisfy somewhat needs for sure, however, on a larger scale, it is just taking away 5% burden from you.


      This program is particularly beneficial for smaller sellers who want to invest less and experiment with different strategies. While it may not significantly impact larger sellers, it can still help alleviate some of the financial burdens by reducing fees by 5%. Personally, I have found this program to be useful in meeting my needs to some extent.

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