FBM has been suspended due to Amazon reviewing the account? how to solve this

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    Stella George

    Greetings, has anyone experienced a situation where their Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) has been suspended due to Amazon reviewing account? I am currently facing this issue, and I would appreciate any insights or advice on how to handle it.

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      You should have disabled your reviewing account and then submit an appeal and tell about your ignorance now you have disabled the review account so there will be a high chance Amazon could reconsider it.


      If your FBM account has been suspended by Amazon for review, follow these steps to address the issue:

      1-Understand the reason for suspension by reviewing Amazon’s communication.
      2-Contact Amazon Seller Support for more information and guidance.
      3-Identify and rectify the problem that led to the suspension.
      4-Prepare a detailed Plan of Action (POA) outlining how you will address and prevent the issue.
      5-Review your account and listings for compliance with Amazon’s policies.
      6-Keep records of all communications and evidence related to your case.
      7-Follow up with Amazon Seller Support regularly for updates.

      Remember to cooperate with Amazon and follow their guidelines to reinstate your FBM account.

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