How Amazon considers units to add in excess inventory ?

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    Kallis Roy

    I have send stock to Amazon 3 months ago and selling 3/4 units daily but all of sudden Amazon has added 100+ units in excess inventory . And my IPI is getting affected badly. Also there is no long storage for my units until now. How I can remove stock from excess inventory.

    Launch is new and I don’t want to create sales or create removal order. How Amazon considers stock for excess inventory?

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      Amazon usually takes into account 3 factors to consider a product to have excess inventory
      these 3 factors are following
      1)Over 90 days of supply
      2)At least 1 unit aged over 90 days
      3)An ROI opportunity(like if reducing the price will have an increase in sales)


      A product is determined to have excess inventory by Amazon below three reasons:

      1. 90+ days’ worth of supply
      2. At least one unit was older than 90 days.
      3. Better ROI opportunity

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