How can I ensure accurate labels for shipping to Amazon’s fulfilment centre?

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    Natalia Raven

    “As a seller, I want to ensure that my products are correctly labelled for shipment to Amazon’s fulfilment centre. What are the key steps or guidelines I should follow to ensure that my products are properly labelled and meet Amazon’s requirements?”

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      Amazon provides the sizes of shipping labels and item labels , you can simply download in your desired size, the other instruction is that while placing item labels if there are any other barcodes on the packaging those must be covered, while placing the label you must take care that you paste an item label on it’s own product, then you need to put shipping labels on boxes and hand them over to a shipping company!


      > If you are using Amazon’s FBA program, you need to apply Amazon’s Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU) label. FNSKU labels uniquely identify each unit of your product within Amazon’s fulfillment network.
      > Place the FNSKU label on each individual unit of your product. Amazon provides guidelines for label placement, such as making sure the label is scannable. Make sure labels are high quality, legible and can be scanned correctly by Amazon’s systems.
      > Use laser printers or thermal printers to print labels for best quality.

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