How can I find Amazon carrier shipping services fee in report?

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    Kallis Roy

    I have used Amazon carrier shipping services, but now wanting to find it in reports. Against which fee I can find this amount?

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      Log in to your Amazon seller account.
      Go to the “Reports” tab.
      Under the “Orders” section, select “Shipping revenue”.
      Select the desired date range and the specific shipping service you want to view the fees for.
      The report will show you the total revenue generated from the selected shipping service, as well as the shipping fees charged by Amazon.

      Emily Dar

      Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account at the “Reports” tab, and select “Payments”, Under “Transaction View”, select the date range for which you want to view the fees. Click on the “Download” button to download the report. Open the downloaded report and look for the fees associated with Amazon carrier shipping services. These fees are usually listed under the “Shipping” or “Other” fee categories.

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