How can I grant account health access in Seller Central?

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    Jacob Craig

    I’ve been working on the seller central account for the last two months and would like to verify the account health status, but I don’t have access to do so. Can somebody tell me how I can gain account health access?

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      Open the Performance Menu and select Account Health from the drop-down menu.
      Account Health > Seller Central > Performance Menu
      On the Account Health page, you can access an overview of how well you’re doing complying with Amazon’s performance targets and policies. You will notice that the account health is composed of three metrics:

      1. Customer service performance

      2. Product policy compliance

      3. Shipping performance


      Under Settings, click User Permissions. Click Edit next to the account you want to change. Click the button next to each tool you want to give the user access to for your account.


      There are the following steps to get access in seller central for any tab:
      login seller central, go to the setting on the right side of the seller central dashboard. You will get a lot of options but you have to select user permission and click on manage permission. Select the tab to which you wanna get access.

      Robert John

      In a seller central you easily access account health by following steps:
      Setting > User Permission
      In user permission select the tab to which you wanna get access.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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