How can I send quality material in Quarter 4?

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    As in Quarter 4, all the manufacturers are busy completing the deadlines of the orders of manufacturing the stocks. But while they are manufacturing the inventory they did not check the quality or did not work on the quality material because they did not have enough time to do so. Let me know how can I send the quality material in Quarter 4 to sell on amazon.

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      John Aly

      We know that in Quarter 3 the manufacturers are not enough busy to manufacture the products or they did not have too many deadlines so they will give some attention to the quality of the products. You should have to manufacture your item in a start or mid of the quarter 3 so that at the end of the Q3 your product will be manufactured and you are ready to ship it in amazon’s wherehouse for quarter 4. Another thing is that if you know that your supplier will not meet your deadline and you will lose some precious moments of quarter 4 so you should have to contact with 2,3 suppliers to manufacture the product, if one supplier is busy you can contact with 2nd.

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