How can I upload my product installation documents?

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    John Wiz

    I want to upload my product installation manual so it would be available to customers on my product detail page. How can I upload these documents?

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      To upload the user manual for product listing go to Inventory Tab and Click on “Manage Product Documents” there you just have to select the ASIN for which you want to upload the document and then browse the document to upload.


      As the owner of the brand, you have the ability to upload product documentation for branded ASINs, including installation manuals, troubleshooting manuals, and CAD drawings.
      To upload documents for your product to Seller Central kindly follow these steps below
      1.Navigate to Inventory then Manage Product Documents.
      2.Select Upload New Documents.
      3.Give the file you are uploading a name. This is purely for your information. Customers won’t see this name.
      4.From the list of acceptable document types, pick one.
      5.Select the language or languages that are used in the document you are uploading.
      6.Select a file to upload. Less than 10 MB is the minimum file size.
      7.Search using the ASIN or the product name, then adhere to the on-screen instructions to link one or more ASINs to the file you’re uploading. For a document to be uploaded, it must have at least one ASIN applied to it.

      Once its approved it takes 7 business days to publish on the detail or listing page the ASIN’s you uploaded for.


      In your seller central go to the catalogue tab
      there you’ll see manage upload documents new window will open
      there you can choose your document type and upload that file by PC or drag and drop the source.

      Esra bale

      In your amazon sellers’ central.
      Click on the catalog tab.
      You will see the manage product document option. You can click on and upload the document for the specific ASIN.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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