How can seller protect brand in the liquidation market?

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    Kallis Roy

    How can seller protect brand in the liquidation market?

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      Anna Norah

      Perhaps you are unaware, Kallis, but before products are liquidated, there is an agreement with the liquidation resellers that they will remove any product labelling, packing, or inside paperwork that would in any way suggest a product’s brand or location of manufacture. The liquidation buyer is frequently given a purchase agreement that outlines this de-labeling obligation. Before a liquidation buyer can acquire returns, shelf pulls, or overstock, this agreement must be executed.


      There are several steps a seller can take to protect their brand in the liquidation market:

      1. Conduct due diligence
      2. Monitor sales
      3. Implement product tagging
      4. Establish a clear return policy
      5. Regular communication

      By following these steps, sellers can reduce the risk of their brand being negatively impacted by the liquidation market and ensure their products are being handled and sold in a way that protects their brand image.

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