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How can you generate a report to track ASINs that aren’t selling well?

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    I want to get a list of ASINs which are selling at very low rate so that I can put extra effort on those ASINs and increase sales to prevent me from extra storage costs. Where can I get this list of slow selling ASINs?

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      Anna Norah

      Go to your seller central account:
      1. Click on “Report” tab
      2. Then Click “Business Report”
      Here you can see different portions on the right side bar, From the ASIN portion
      Click on the “Detail Page Sales and Traffic”, Here you can see details of each ASIN, which is performing well and whose sale rank is low. 


      the process is very simple
      simply go to the report tab, then go to business reports
      then go to the left side and check the parent-child report and sales traffic
      there is another way to do this thing
      you can simply download the above report and check the low selling asins apply the filter in excel and arrange the data from lowest to largest
      in this way, you can easily find out those low selling asins.

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