How do I send it for approval?

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    I buy toys and collectibles straight from a distributor because I want to sell them. How can I go about submitting it for review? My entire inventory is limited! We much appreciate any assistance.

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      Barden John

      Login to your seller central
      Click on Catalog
      From the drop-down menu, Select add a product
      Select the item you want to get approval for.
      Click on Listing limitations apply
      Click on Request approval

      In some cases your request is automatically approved by amazon If you receive a notice like this, you’ve been automatically authorized (woohoo!)

      Your selling application has been accepted. Congratulations!
      but it depends on the category and subcategory.

      If your request is not automatically approved then you have to submit a document for Approval like you have to provide the invoice in order to get approval.

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