How does amazon algorithm determine the ranking and how we can influence it ?

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    How does Amazon’s ranking algorithm work and how can we influence it?

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      Initially, it was dependent on PPC (with just click, no sales), sales, reviews, and listing history, but now things have changed a bit, now it depends more on relevancy, sales, reviews, and history only, simply running PPC won’t help much in terms of ranking now.


      The algorithm determines the ranking based on sales, if you are getting good sales on a keyword your ranking will improve, getting clicks on keywords also improves ranking, to influence algorithm you can do giveaways, run 100% rebaid on different keywords, run off Amazon promotion so that algorithm determines that this product is in the eye of buyers so your ranking will improve.

      Barden John

      Amazon’s algorithm is specifically designed to help customers to find the products they want to buy and also depends on the customer’s purchase behavior, Customer purchase history. Additionally, amazon’s algorithm also considers other factors such as sales history: Products that have a strong sales history and positive customer feedback are typically given higher visibility and recommendations. KeywordsThe algorithm considers keywords used in product titles, descriptions sales ratings, Pricing, and availability of Products that are competitively priced and in stock.

      Anna Norah

      Amazon’s algorithms determine the ranking on the basis of the sales of your product. In your category, when you get good sales, Amazon will give you the highest rank in your field. So, if you want to improve your sales rank, then you have to work to improve your sales.

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