How does Amazon help sellers to adjust their prices?

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    As I am a seller on Amazon, I have a small business on Amazon. I want to ensure that my prices are competitive in the market and I want to check and adjust them as needed. could someone tell me how Amazon helps sellers to adjust their prices so that they can stay in the competitive marketplace?

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      Anna Norah

      Anna, when you go to the Manage Inventory tab, you see your price option here, which is the price you have set for your product. Below the price tab, you may see the “Featured Offer Price” tab, which is the price that Amazon suggests you to win the Buybox, and that is a competitive price for your product according to the market.


      Amazon assists sellers in adjusting their prices through automated repricing tools, competitive pricing data, price alerts, promotions, and pricing rules. These resources help sellers stay competitive and optimize their pricing strategies.

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