How does seller collect VAT if order is placed on different marketplace?

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    Kallis Roy

    If a buyer has placed order on and delivered order from Amazon Spain then how VAT will work here?

    P.S: Seller is enrolled in PAN EU

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      If a seller has a VAT registration in a particular country, they may be required to collect VAT on sales made through different marketplaces within that country. In order to do this, the seller would need to set up their VAT registration information and tax settings correctly on each marketplace where they are selling.

      Anna Norah

      Kallis, In your scenario, since the seller is enrolled in the PAN EU program, they are registered for VAT in all EU countries. Therefore, the VAT rate for the order will be based on the country where the delivery takes place (in this case, Spain).

      Robert John

      The seller is in charge of collecting and remitting French VAT on sales if the buyer is situated in France. Nonetheless, the Amazon VAT Calculation Service will automatically compute the VAT based on the French VAT rate and add it to the price that the buyer pays if the seller is not registered for VAT in France.

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