How is the 7 Day Total Sales, Spend and ACOS calculated in the Search term repor

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    In the 30-day Sponsored Products Search term report, we have “7 Day Total Sales” and Spend and Total Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS) values. How is the 7 day calculated? Is it an average of, for example, a 30-day report, or the last week? Is ACOS calculated over the entire 30-day period? Is it the quotient of 7 days’ spend and 7 days’ sales? But an average? Or the last week?

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      Stella George

      7 day Total sale :- Amazon includes revenues resulting from ad clicks made up to seven days before the designated time period in their calculation of the “seven-day total sales.” This does not mean that you will just get data for the next week.
      Total Advertising cost:- here total mean Total sales include all those brought about by the advertisement as well as those resulting from the advertised SKU.
      Total Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS):- In contrast to ACoS, RoAS shows you how much money you made back from your advertising investment.

      Kallis Roy

      For last 30 days report, 7 Day Total Sales and ACOS are against last 7 days but there is uncertainty of current or last day sales. Amazon takes 24-48 hours to update data . Amazon doesn’t consider 30 days average for any case but it is the quotient of 7 days’ spend and 7 days’ sales.

        So I might as well take the report the last 7 days? For ACOS it doesn’t matter if the report is 30 days or 60 days, because it only buffers the last 7 days anyway?


      So I might as well take the seven-day report? Because ACOS only buffers the most recent 7 days, does it really matter if the report is for 30 or 60 days?


      7-Day Total Sales and ACOS are against the last 7 days, however, there is uncertainty regarding current or last-day sales for the last 30 days. There is a 24-48 hour delay before Amazon updates its data. Regardless of the case, Amazon only considers the quotient of 7 days spent and 7 days’ sales when determining the average, not the average of 30 days.

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