How is the VAT on a product is calculated? what is the matrix for that?

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    Jacob Craig

    I want to understand the VAT I am paying on the products, how is it calculated on Amazon. So I can be able to find out the VAT for the products which I am thniking to launch in later times. ?

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      VAT is actually quite a straightforward process, countries have selected the percentage of VAT you need to pay, so let’s say you want to sell in the UK you’ll need to pay 20% VAT, and the seller collects the VAT from the buyer, and eventually pays to the state, only the end user pays the VAT, so you’ll need to increase the price according to the VAT you’ll be paying, let’s say your product has a price of 20$ in USA, in UK you’ll bump the price by 20%, so buyer will pay that and Amazon will cut from your sale.

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