How to Find a Profitable product to sell on Amazon?

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    David Ashan

    I want to sell on Amazon. What are the key factors that I should keep in mind before selecting a product which will give me best possible profit with minimum expenses?

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      John David

      Before selecting the product to sell on amazon you must check specific thing in the product, you must check how much demand is there in the market, you must extract the keywords from the market and check their search volume, you must check the average review and also check the reviews of every individual seller, you must check the nature of the product, the product must for long time business, and that product must give you 30 to 35% product, you must check the market, it must be easy to enter in the market.


      While doing product research keep the things in your mind like it shouldn’t be seasonal, profit margin should be at least 25 to 30 if its upto 30 then its very good.

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