how to register a trademark for amazon?

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      Anna Norah

      There are two ways to register your brand: through the USPTO and through Amazon IP Accelerator. Through the USPTO, it takes less money and more time. It takes 13 to 18 months to register your trademark with the government and to get your brand registered. Through Amazon’s AP accelerator, it takes 15 to 20 days, but it costs more money.


      Trademarks can be registered through the USPTO and Amazon IP Accelerator, while it takes longer to get trademarks fully registered through USPTO but it’s a bit cheaper and through IP Accelerator it can be done comparatively faster but expensive, however, once you apply for the trademark you can register your brand through both methods fairly quick through the receipt provided.

      David Ashan

      1.Start the application on Seller Central’s brand registry website.
      2.Identify your trademark type.
      3.Upload product images.
      4.Enter your UPC/barcode information.
      5.Submit the application and wait.

      john wick

      We can registered the trademark for 2 ways
      Amazon IP Accelerator
      IP acceleration is a fast method of registering the trademark.


      There are two different ways to register a trademark on Amazon. The first one is registering a trademark manually through USPTO and the second method is registering a trademark through IP Accelerator.
      • In first method while registering a trademark through USPTO, we will be logged in to USPTO, fill all the forms and then applies for trademark. It is a lengthy process which sometimes take up to 10-12 months to complete. But this method is less expensive. Or this can be done as if you have your own layer or you can hire any lawyer who will take trademark through USPTO on your behalf.
      • In second method while registering a trademark through IP Accelerator, we will use Amazon Seller Account. IP Accelerator is basically a program launched by Amazon for trademark registration. This method is quick, you can get trademark registered even in 3 months using IP Accelerator but it is expensive method. And the main benefit of using this method is faster trademark as well as when you applied for trademark you will get all brand registry benefits from amazon which includes Brand Dashboard, Brand Analytics & more. In manual method you have to wait for trademark registered to get brand benefits from Amazon.


      If you want to register a trademark for amazon then you have two options
      1) USPTO and IP Accelerator
      Mostly we recommend IP Accelerator because it will take less time but it is a little expensive.

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