How To Track and Identify Amazon Vine Reviews

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    I am wondering how can I check the number of vine reviews I have received and where I can read those reviews and how these reviews are different from organic reviews

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      John Aly

      You can check the number of vine reviews that you have received yet from the Vine tab under the advertising, Click on the vine and track your relevant product under the enroll and claimed tab you can check the units that have been claimed up to now. In the next column, you can check you many reviews you have received against the units that are claimed.
      For reading the vine reviews open your relevant listing and go to the section where reviews are located you can check and read the vine reviews. You can navigate the vine reviews Riz, which has titled Vine Voice.
      Mostly people pay attention to those sellers that have vine reviews. Vine reviews are more trusted considered then purchased reviews because the vine reviews come from amazon’s trusted Vine program.

      John David

      If you have enroll your products in Vine program, go to the amazon Vine tab and here you will see all the product that is enroll in this program, here you will see how many units you have allowed for the Vine program and how many of them have been claimed, also here you see the the status how many vine reviews you have got from the product claimed, and when you go to your product listing that are enrolled in vine program, go to the review section here you will see the vine review, on each vine review there will be a tag of “Vine customer”, and if we got positive reviews, it will be very beneficial for you, because customer trust more on vine program reviews.

      Anna Norah

      From the vine tab, you can review the total number of orders and reviews per ASIN that you have gotten through the vine program. Otherwise, on the listing detail page, there is a “Vine voice” tag with the reviews, which indicates that this review is through the vine program.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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