how to write amazon appeal letter?

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    Stella George

    how to write amazon appeal letter?can anyone help me on this ?

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      Robert John

      Hy Stella! first of all check your email from amazon and try to know why amazon suspend your listing or account, then open a case with amazon and call to discuss the issue.
      Then write an appeal to amazon with the plan of action in three steps:
      1) Why this issue occurs?
      Write briefly that what is actually this issue & cause of issue and why this occurs.
      2) How you will solve this issue?
      Write a note on how you will solve this issue.
      3) Give a plan of action about how will avoid this issue in future?
      Write everything that you have changed after this issue occur and what are the decisions you have taken to avoid this issue in future.


      Certainly! Here are the main headings for an Amazon appeal letter:

      1. Introduction
      2. Listing Information
      3. Reason for Suspension/Removal
      4. Acknowledgment of Issue
      5. Explanation and Supporting Evidence
      6. Corrective Actions Taken
      7. Selling History and Performance
      8. Request for Reinstatement

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