How would you approach customer support to request a replacement or refund?

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    Imagine you’re a customer who received a damaged product from Amazon. The item is not usable, and you need to request a replacement or refund. How would you approach customer support to resolve the issue?

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      Well Arabella!! Just in case you received a defective product from Amazon, you can apply for a replacement or in other words a refund can simply make a case to solve.

      Robert John

      If you want to request a refund or replacement of your product, you need to follow these steps:
      Go to Your Orders.
      1)Find your order in the list.
      2)Select Problem with Order.
      3)Choose your topic from the list displayed.
      4)Select Contact Seller
      As you can request a refund or replacement of the damaged product.


      You’ll need to go to your order and then track down (find) the order you want to get a replacement or refund for, select the problem from the list, then apply for a refund or replacement, the process is pretty simple, you won’t need to approach the customer support for this unless the seller doesn’t comply with you or something along those lines.

      Andy Smith

      To request a refund on Amazon, you have to follow these steps:

      1) Check the item’s refund eligibility.
      2) Locate Your Order
      3) Select “Return or Replace Items.”
      4) Choose a Reason for the Return
      5) Select a Return Method
      6) Print the return label and authorization.
      7) Ship the item back.
      8) Track Your Return Status
      9) Receive the refund.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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