How would you optimize your high purchase price product campaign on Amazon

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    Jacob Craig

    Suppose you are managing a PPC campaign for a product with a high purchase price on Amazon. You notice that your campaign is generating a lot of clicks, but the conversion rate is low, and the cost per acquisition (CPA) is high. You decide to optimize your campaign to improve its performance.

    How would you optimize your high purchase price product campaign on Amazon to improve conversion rate and lower CPA, and what strategies would you use to target the right audience with the right messaging to increase sales?

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      Anna Norah

      Jacob, We have to face this issue with the high-priced products, but you can adopt several techniques for it:
      1: If you are targeting “main keywords” in the campaign, then don’t go as aggressive with bidding because on main keywords mostly the top sellers are getting sales who have high reviews and ratings. So, you go with the medium bids for the most relevant main keywords.
      2: I will suggest you go with the low-search-volume keywords that have low competition and set aggressive bids for those keywords.
      3: Find out those ASINs that are top sellers and have higher prices than yours and target them in the campaign.
      4: You should run a video campaign for your products that shows their features in detail; this helps you attract customers to your listing.
      5: You should run the display campaign with the “audience target,” which is people who have bought products like yours or have seen products like yours; the display campaign runs on and off Amazon, so it will help you reach customers towards your listing from outside Amazon too.

      Robert John

      For high-priced products, we run campaigns with some highly relevant keywords and also target a few supportive keywords. Monitor your campaign and do negative targeting of irrelevant keywords, taking some spend on your keywords; when you get a sale, it will control your spend and ACOS.

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